Parsons: Communication


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2008 – Present Adjunct Professor, Parsons/The New School, New York, NY

“Communication Takes Many Forms” involves project-based inquiry into the relationships between subject matter, concept, context, medium and content. Students investigate how subject, concept and context influence the choice of medium and how a medium can influence content and direct a project toward a particular context. Students learn to develop strategies for communicating in a variety of forms, media and contexts for a single subject, event, cause or product that may be real or fictitious, historical or contemporary.The course builds on the design issues, principles and elements introduced in 2D Integrated Studio.

Students extend their knowledge of visual communication through an introduction to information design, page layout and typography. Throughout the semester, various media and technical skills are introduced, so that students can investigate and manifest the course content. Programs used are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, iWeb, Garageband, and an online app builder.Emphasis is placed on conceptualizing design issues and mastering the tools to execute concepts.Students develop their ability to integrate physical, photographic and digital media in the creation of images and objects. The course meets twice a week; one session in a computer lab and one session in a studio.The first part of the semesterinvestigates typography, the second part involves an extended graphic identity project and the semester finishes with a wayfinding project.