Parsons- 2D Integrated Design

2008 – Present
Adjunct Professor, Parsons/The New School, New York, NY

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2-D Integrated Studio provides an introduction to fundamental principles of visual expression and communication in both theoretical and applied forms. First year students are exposed to design principles and beginning graphic design while learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop in their design practice.

Emphasis is placed on conceptualizing design issues and mastering the tools to execute concepts. Students develop their ability to integrate physical, photographic and digital media in the creation of images and objects. The course meets twice a week; one session in a computer lab and one session in a studio.

During the first semester, projects include problems of sequence, transformation and spatial relationships implementing the elements of line, shape, mass, texture and color. Students learn to work within parameters as well as to define and to modify them according to their own motivations and intentions.