Parsons: Wayfinding

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Students end the semester of "Communication Takes Many Forms" with a Wayfinding project where they investigate the relationship between subject matter, concept, context, medium and content. Students create a signage system for 5 imaginary or real sites. Wayfinding ideas are explored as well as the design of signage with specified materials and fabrication

Students select an aspect of their Foundation year at Parsons and map their experience.Students design the elements and story flow, including icons to indicate places of an experience. Previous years included creating a brochure, handing it to another student who used the map to find indicated places and uploading photos onto Google Maps.

For Spring 2012, students created an interactive tour in the form of a smartphone app. The purpose of the app was to help the viewer experience a virtual tour of the student’s experience. Students designed a ‘splash screen’, a header, and a gallery of 5 icons which designated something about their first year. Each icon was placed in a photograph of the actual location with accompanying explanatory text.